High Quality

Producing quality concrete begins with selecting certified aggregates and cement that meet the strictest CSA, OPSS and ASTM specifications.


Our plant’s automated batching systems allow us to precisely produce & monitor every load of concrete – we provide any type of specialty concrete.

Large Fleet

We have a large fleet of radio dispatched trucks to meet the needs of customers. Our highly-trained professionals empowers us and you.

We are trusted to deliver high quality concrete

At PLP Redimix Ltd., a division of Powerline Plus Ltd., we provide full-service, diversified redimix concrete services to commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Our industry-leading, state-of-the art facilities can help deliver concrete of varied styles, strength and grades depending on the desired application.
We have mastered the science of combining the right blend of materials and proportioning them to produce a consistent and durable concrete mix for any project. The integrity of the concrete we supply is of utmost importance. The makeup and ratio of the ingredients are carefully considered and tested under different environments, for consistency and effectiveness, before it’s becomes policy and is supplied to customers.
At PLP Redimix, we believe there is both an art and science to creating the right concrete. We take both aspects very seriously and ensure our clients are getting the highest quality of concrete.

We're committed to producing and providing high quality concrete

A subsidiary of Powerline Plus Ltd, PLP Redimix is a full-service concrete producer that is committed to delivering high-quality and environmentally-friendly construction products and services to Toronto’s growing needs. Toronto is one of North America’s fastest-growing and exciting urban centers. PLP Redimix has the right equipment and proprietary technologies to handle the scale and scope of any project, from residential sidewalks to interstate highways. With a large and modernized fleet of ready-mix trucks, we centrally dispatch to construction sites across Toronto’s bustling metropolis. We are deeply connected to Toronto and the surrounding communities and are actively involved in charities and local events. We have an internal charter that clearly spells-out what is expected from an ethical and customer relations point of view. Accountability, transparency and integrity are at the cornerstone of all of our relationships.

Staying ahead of the curve

At PLP Remix, we are always moving the needle because we are early adopters of technology and efficiency. PLP Redimix takes great pride in being a fast-adopting, dynamic and innovative company that delivers with high operational integrity. We are always looking for ways to improve and leverage the latest technological gains in the construction industry. We always try to be first-to-market and are highly-receptive to new advances made in the construction industry. We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve.
Producing quality concrete begins with selecting certified aggregates and cement that meet the strictest CSA, OPSS and ASTM specifications. We are members of these first-class organizations and regulatory bodies:
CSA: Trusted supplier, expertise and value-added services
ASTM: Over 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade.
OPSS: Develop & improve the administration, safety and environmental aspects, and cost effectiveness of the design and construction of roads, structures.
RMCAO: The Association is active in a number of areas of the industry including new concrete and admixture technologies, education and training of our clients.